As spring begins, tornado season is among us. In the southeast, tornado season has begun early this year. On average, the United States sees 40 tornadoes within the month of January. This January 2022, the United States saw 48 tornadoes. Therefore, the 2022 season is off to a regular start. Preparing your home and roof in advance is vital to ensure you are being safe because tornadoes can appear out of nowhere.

Preparing in Advance

It is never too late to prepare or make your home safe for the upcoming storm season. Installing retractable storm shutters should be a priority because you can open and close them within a moment's notice. Tornadoes can form without notice, making this a great option for tornado season. This will minimize damage inside your home and keep you and your family members safe. With that being said, if there are any strong storms predicted in your area, you should remove all outdoor furniture so you do not risk damaging the outside of your home.

Knowing the difference between a tornado WATCH and a tornado WARNING is vital information to be aware of when preparing for a tornado. A tornado watch means there could possibly be a tornado present. A tornado warning is when a tornado is already occurring, and you should retreat to a safe place immediately.

When preparing in advance for a tornado, the American Red Cross recommends creating a list of all your possible needs during tornado seasons, so you are prepared. Another valuable way to prep and ensure your safety is to have your home examined by professionals. If there is any potential danger regarding the safety of your home, they will be able to fix the problem before a major storm. For example, roofers will make sure your roof is sturdy and in the best condition possible before a storm.

Create an Emergency Kit

You never know when an emergency could strike, so it is important to keep a kit stocked and ready so you are prepared well ahead of time. Some emergency kit essentials include:

  • Water (a gallon per person per day)
  • Food (non-perishable items)
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Portable chargers
  • Sleeping bags
  • Bathroom necessities

When and Where to Seek Shelter

You should not wait until the tornado is in your line of sight to seek shelter. If you believe you are in any kind of danger then you should always find shelter immediately. Keeping up to date with the weather forecast is a no-brainer when analyzing safety conditions for upcoming storms and even regular day-to-day activities. There are various ways to be notified when it is necessary to take cover. These include the alarms on your phone, T.V., and/or radio when there is severe weather nearby, and it is necessary to move to a safer location.

Best Roofs for Tornados

If your home is in a region prone to tornadoes, it might be beneficial to consider a different type of roof for your home. Metal roofs last two to three times longer than your traditional roof. There are two different underlayments, synthetic vs. felt. Synthetic underlayment is a new material that has been created within the past 20 years. It is steadily becoming more popular and might become the most popular material used as an underlayment. Synthetic underlayment is also better for your roof during storms. If you are worried about the quality of your roof during a storm, you might want to ask your roofer about a metal roof and/or synthetic underlayment.

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