For most homes, roofs are the biggest protection from outdoor elements. It is extremely important to guarantee your roof is properly ventilated for many reasons. Precise ventilation allows air to circulate through your roofing system to keep it operating at its best. Preferred Contractors of Auburn, Alabama have created a list of reasons why your roof should be ventilated and what benefits come from it.

How Do Roofs Work?

Accurate and precise ventilation in your attic allows air to flow through the attic, preventing extreme heat that may cause moisture. Ventilation only works when the air is circulating. There are two fundamental methods to create airflow in an attic: mechanical and natural.

  • Mechanical: requires a power source
  • Natural: whenever possible, natural roof ventilation is used; the stack effect and wind effect used together to circulate natural air

The stack effect happens when hot air rises and creates a higher pressure at high points in the attic. Hot air that gets out is called exhaust. The hot air can’t escape without a place to go for low-pressure air. Intake is the cool air that enters.

When wind blows against the roof from the outside and increases the amount of intake and exhaust. This is known as the wind effect. Intake and exhaust create an essential circulation of air that creates a well-vented attic.

Roof ventilation is very important for your home. Here are some reasons why ventilation is a crucial aspect of your roof.

1. Prevents Condensation, Mold, and Rot

One of the most critical aspects of proper roof ventilation is to prevent condensation. Eventually, condensation leads to rot or mold. Your home produces a lot more moisture than you would think. Moisture can come from laundry, showers/baths, cooking, and more. These all produce warm and damp air that lives inside your home. The moisture gravitates up to your ceilings and eventually into the attic. If a chilled surface, such as the roof of the attic, comes in contact with the warm aid, it will condense. Condensation causes the growth of mold and mildew. Ventilating your roof and attic appropriately can prevent the damages caused by condensation.

2. Increases Energy Efficiency

Making sure your home has the proper attic and roof ventilation helps reduce the cooling costs by permitting hot air an escape. As temperatures outdoors start to rise, the temperature inside your home does as well. Without proper ventilation, the heat gets trapped in your attic, causing the AC to work harder. You can also install a cool roof system to help emit thermal heat from your roof. Metal roofing systems are designed to absorb less heat, decreasing your energy cost. With a metal roof and proper ventilation, you can lower the cost of your AC and energy.

3. Increases Roof’s Lifespan

If you do not ventilate your roof and attic, the lifespan of your roof can be reduced drastically. As mentioned earlier, condensation and mold can result without ventilation. A roof without ventilation can also result in extreme heat in attics, and when built up can cause damage to the wood framing, rafters, underlayment, and more. Making sure your roof is correctly and evenly ventilated helps air escape the attic and helps it last longer.

4. Reduces Indoor Temperature Extremes

If you have ever walked to a different level of your house and noticed a harsh change in temperature, it may be because of insufficient roofing. Indoor temperature changes can be avoided by installing proper ventilation. Since ventilation allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter, this can help with overheating issues in attics, which impacts your heating and cooling costs. Overall, establishing proper and safe ventilation will help your home be more comfortable throughout the year.

5. Prevents Ice Damming

Snow is possible in any area during the wintertime, even in warmer areas. Having proper roof ventilation can lower the risk of damaging ice, which can ruin your roof and attic. Ice dams are caused by warm air reaching the roof deck, then the snow on your roof melts. This melted snow can refreeze at your home’s overhangs. These are called ice dams. Proper ventilation can help avoid ice dam formation by:

  • Directing hot air from your living areas to the top of your room and outdoors
  • Keeping the attic near outdoor temperatures, preventing snow from melting

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